Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add my new wife or child to my health plan?

A Subscriber Update Form is required:

  1. You can download & print the Subscriber Information Update.
  2. Call the Fund office at 316-264-2339, option 1, and we will mail you out the form.
  3. You can request one via email @
Follow the instructions on the form, making sure you list all eligible dependents (please see your SPD for a description), complete the bottom portion of the form, and sign it! If you are adding a dependent, we must have supporting documentation (i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificate, adoption papers, etc.) If you are removing dependents (i.e., divorce), we need a complete copy of your divorce decree, including any child/medical support orders & property settlements.
Then mail it to:
H & W Fund,
505 S Broadway, Ste. 117,
Wichita, KS 67202-3922
Or scan and email back to the email address above.

I was recently divorced. Do you need a copy of my divorce decree & why?

First of all, we need to remove your spouse and any step-children from your coverage. The only way we can do that is if you send us a complete copy of your divorce decree, including any child/medical support orders & property settlements, along with a completed Subscriber Information Update. Until that is done, you, the member, will be responsible for any claims that are paid in error.

Doing this NOW will alleviate any delays when you retire as you will not be able to receive any of your retirement money until we receive your divorce decree & determine whether any money should be paid to an alternate payee.

Why won’t Aetna or Delta change my address or add/delete my dependent(s)?

Aetna & Delta Dental of KS have been instructed not to make any changes to your membership unless WE tell them too. This way, we make sure that we have the most current information.

Still have questions? Contact the Fund Office by calling 316-264-2339, option 1; or by email: