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Dear LU#441 Member,

Nothing matters more to me and my fellow Trustees than your health and the health of your family members. That’s why we are pleased to offer you a new medical benefit called Best Doctors.

Best Doctors gives you access to medical advice from the world’s leading physicians. It’s for everything from minor surgery to serious issues like cancer and heart disease. With Best Doctors, you can have an expert physician review your diagnosis and treatment plan to make sure it’s right.

Best Doctors won’t cost you anything. It’s included in your benefits package. Any  Member or dependent qualified in the health plan is eligible to participate in this very valuable benefit. You can:


news4Have an expert specialist conduct an in-depth review of your medical case - It’s like a second opinion, only better. Best Doctors collects all your records, images and test samples. Then an expert physician confirms your diagnosis and treatment plan or recommends a change. You get a full report that you can share with your treating physician if you choose.

news5Get expert advice about medical treatment - You can call Best Doctors for answers to basic questions about a diagnosis or treatment options. No more wondering what steps to take or relying on Internet searches. You get a personalized response in about five days from a doctor who fully understands your particular situation.

news6Find a Best Doctor near you - When you need a physician, you have access to Best Doctors’ network of over 53,000 medical experts worldwide. These doctors have all been voted best-in-class by other leading physicians. Best Doctors matches you to the specialist who’s right for you.

Best Doctors is 100% confidential. Nobody at the  Union, your employer or the insurance company are made aware of your call. And you don’t have to travel or hunt down medical files. All you do is call Best Doctors. They do the rest. They’ll even help you decide which service you need. All at no cost to you.

If you’re facing a medical challenge, contact Best Doctors at 1-866-904-0910 or visit
I strongly encourage my fellow Union members to utilize this very valuable resource and Make sure your next medical decision is the right one. Call the doctors other doctors trust most — Best Doctors. Sincerely,
Richard Taylor
Business Manager and Secretary Treasurer